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Visualisation of Distance

Through creating a multi-layered collection of visual approaches I investigated using video and photography in a process-oriented way on how a distance between two places can be visualised. As outcome I developed a range of visual languages that offer possible solutions, for instance by the use of video collage and arrangement.

Traveling by train through the Hauenstein tunnel between the towns of Sissach and Olten takes no time at all. But by using the tunnel and even just the train a large part of the landscape and the actual distance get rendered invisible. To perceive this environment I walked by foot between these two places over the mountain that the tunnel would normally cut through. With the aid of an algorithm these video images then got rendered into one big image. Together with the generated large-scale image from the train travel a comparability is reached. Shown on the screen, the viewer can interact through use of the controls. Separate parts can be selected, enlarged and additional information can be brought forward.

The focus in the written part of the thesis was laid on generating an overview on relevant aspects of distance perception. Besides the means of the human depth perception I analysed how film and photography convey space in a different way. A further part examined the component speed in relation to space perception based on the theories of the French philosopher, architect and city planner Paul Virilio.

Bachelor-Thesis 2014
Visual Communication Institute
The Basel School of Design
Academy of Art and Design Basel
PDF: Process documentation BA-Thesis