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tpc ag

Internship Camera Assistant ENG

tpc ag is Switzerland's largest provider of production and post-production services for broadcast media, supporting international and domestic media organisations and responsible for production and technology at SRF (Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen), the Swiss national public radio and television broadcaster.

The internship enabled me an in depth look into the production process of a vast variety of programmes. Besides the realisation of interviews, articles and reports I also got the chance to get involved with various large-scale productions. As a Camera Assistant ENG I was assisting camera operators, checking and setting up all cameras and accessories, positioning the lighting, installing microphones and in charge of the 2. camera. At more involved productions I was also helping the sound and light technicians. Besides the practical work experience I received as well a fundamental education in working with light and sound.

technology and production center switzerland ag
8052 Zürich
Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRF
Swiss Radio and Television
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