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Video Production Graduate Fashion Show

Institute of Fashion Design

The Graduate Fashion Show of the Institute for Fashion Design Basel, an event with complex choreography, receives every year high attention. Thanks to the possibilities of video production and livestream through the Internet also on an international level. Besides my job as cameraman we had the responsibility as part of the film crew of the Media Training Center (MTC) to manage the complete video production of the event. This included setup, cabling, recording, directing and live cut.

Documenting internal and external events, symposiums and lectures and creating reportages were further commitments during the long-term participation with the MTC.

Media Training Center MTC
Academy of Art and Design FHNW Basel
Video productions:
Graduate Fashion Show 2010 – 2014
Livestream lectures Academy of Social Work
International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality
International Scenography Festival Basel
Other videos:
Graduate Show 2012